Before you can create access codes, you need to make sure that you have an available license. You can check your license inventory by selecting the Orders tab in the navigation panel and clicking on My Inventory. Most license orders are handled by GMetrix resellers, so if you are missing a license, you should first contact your sales representative.

  1. Log in to the Administrator Panel and click on Access Codes. If you are an Administrator for more than one Organization, you will need to select the Organization you are creating access codes for.

  2. Click on Create Codes.

  3. Click on the green plus icon next to the license for which you would like to create a new access code.

  4. Fill out all required information in the Access Code Wizard, then click Next twice (see picture below). 

    1. License: The license you are creating the Access Code from.

    2. Identifier: This is a unique word of your choice used to identify the code(s) being created (e.g. Class1, Advanced, Word2, etc.).

    3. Number of Students: This sets the number of students who can redeem the access code.
      • This number only sets a limit on the number of times the code itself can be redeemed, or the number of codes that will be created. If you are using a limited use Site license the uses will be removed from your order when the codes are actually redeemed, not when they are created.

    4. Type of Code: The Single User option creates a number of unique access codes equal to the number of students. The Multiple User option creates one single code that can be used by multiple students.

    5. Expiration:  This determines how many days the code will last before it expires and how many times the code can be used.

    6. Tests/Courses/Books: This determines what content is available to students.

    7. Tests Per Code: This sets the number of times each student can start a new test.

    8. Allow Review: This allows students to review questions marked incorrect while in Testing mode. This will not change their score.

    9. Allow Study Guides: This unlocks the GMetrix Study Guides if they are available for the selected products.

  5. Once that information has been filled in, select which Products you want the Access Code to grant access to and whether you want to grant access to the training mode, testing mode, or both.

  6. Once you are finished, click Confirm to confirm your options.

  7. On the next page, click Create to create your new access code(s). 

Each code or set of codes is part of what is called a Transaction. Each time you run through the Access Code creation wizard, a new Transaction is created. Keep in mind that multiple Transactions can have the same Identifier, so think carefully about the Identifier(s) you choose to avoid confusion in the future.