Thank you for purchasing a GMetrix Offline License. You should have already been provided with your GMetrix Administrator login information. If you haven’t been, please contact your sales representative for assistance. To begin testing, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the GMetrix SMS installer from this link: Download GMetrix SMS Offline Client
  2. Install the GMetrix SMS Offline client by running the .msi installer and following the prompts in the wizard.
    • If anything goes wrong here (should only happen if you have other offline versions installed) uninstall everything GMetrix, and delete everything from these 3 paths, then reinstall:
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\GMetrix
      • C:\ProgramData\GMetrix
      • C:\Users\%currentUser%\AppData\Roaming\GMetrix
  3. Register a student account by clicking on the Sign Up link.
  4. Once logged in, click Access Codes.
  5. Write down the install key for the software displayed on the Access Code screen.
  6. On a computer with an internet location, go to
  7. Log in with your administrator account
  8. On the left, select Access Codes
  9. At the top of the access codes page, click Create Access Code
  10. Click the Offline Access Codes tab (if nothing shows up here, you will need to contact either your sales rep or [email protected] to get your license converted to an offline license.)
  11. Select your offline license from the list
  12. In the text box, enter your installation key and click generate license key
  13. This will generate a license key for that install key. Bring that back to the offline computer, and enter it as an access code
  14. This will unlock the tests that you are licensed to take. You will need to follow these steps for each offline computer.

For additional information about the GMetrix SMS Offline client, please consult the GMetrix Offline Guide located at this link: You can also contact GMetrix Support for assistance at