You'll notice that when you go to start a practice test, you have the option to choose Training Mode or Testing Mode. Both modes cover the same questions and material, but there are some differences.

Training Mode:

  • No time limit (the test times you, but there is no limit)
  • Lets you use the Help Text feature (lightbulb icon or question mark icon, depending on the test), which provides you with information to help you answer the question correctly.
  • Provides immediate feedback to let you know whether you got a question right or wrong and gives you the opportunity to correct your answer

Testing Mode:

  • A time limit that matches the time limit of the certification exam is enforced
  • No help text is available
  • No feedback is provided until the test has been submitted for grading

In essence, Training Mode is great when you're still becoming comfortable with the material because it lets you get quick feedback and learn why you do or don't understand a concept. Testing Mode is great for when you're comfortable with the material and want a more accurate check on how well you will do in the certification exam.