In your GMetrix Administrator account, you can run reports to check the progress and proficiency of your students on courses and practice tests.

Running reports on courses:

  1. Log in to your GMetrix Administrator account at
  2. Select Reports > Create.
  3. Select your organization.
  4. In Report Selection, under Course Reports, select the report type you would like to run.
    • The Details Report gives a quick overview a specific course, selected view a filter dropdown. It creates one table per section in the course. In the tables, the rows are students who have access the courses, and the columns show the percentage of completion/competency for the course items within each section. You can use the filters to limit the results to a specific access code or student.
    • Course Usage Report allows you to set a date range and see courses access in it. You can filter the results by choosing from student enrollment date, course start date, student last access date, and course complete date. You will then see a list of students, what course they accessed, their progress, and what date (if any) the completed the course.
    • Student Progress Report shows individual student progress with details. You can use the filters to limit this to a specific date range, category, access code, student, course, and score. Based on the filters you choose, the report will populate a list of students and the courses they've done. If you limit it to one student, you will see all of the courses they have accessed. If you limit it to one course, you'll see all of the students who have done that course. The list shows an overall Score (percentage completed), but there's also a Details button that breaks down the student's progress by each course item and their progress for each item.

You can run reports on practice test results by accessing the Reports > Test Tracking tool or by accessing the Reports > Create tool.

Running reports using the Create tool:

  1. Log in to your GMetrix Administrator account at
  2. Select Reports > Create.
  3. In Report Selection, under Test Reports, select the report type you would like to run.
    • The General Product Report shows you how many tests were taken at your organization, grouped by product (e.g., Word 2019, Word Expert 2019). It shows how many of the tests had passing scores and how many had failing scores, broken into Training Mode and Testing Mode categories.

    • The Student Test Results report will show a breakdown of test results based on each individual student. Here you will see each student listed by name, their test score, and percentage. This report requires that you specify the test that you want.
    • The Objectives Breakdown report breaks down the test by objectives. You will see the pass/fail rate for students on each objective. This is similar to the Student Test Results report in that it requires you to select the same filter parameters.