If you are experiencing problems with the GMetrix Microsoft Office practice test content, please follow the steps below to ensure that the Office tests run properly:

Note: For Outlook specifically, please view our support article here.

Note: For anything that requires Office 2010, do not upgrade upgrade from SMS6

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the GMetrix software. The latest version is available for free at gmetrix.net/download.
  2. Make sure all Add-ins are disabled in the applicable Office program.
  3. Open the Office program you are trying to test in by itself.
  4. Go to File > Options > Add-ins 
  5.  At the bottom, next to Manage, make sure there is a drop down and that it says COM Add-ins then click the Go... button.
  6.  Disable ALL add-ins by unchecking them.
  7.  Repeat steps 2 through 5 for any remaining add-ins. (Action, Excel, etc.)

To make sure that all the test resources are up to date. 

  1.  Open the GMetrix software and click the gear icon in the upper left-hand corner.
  2.  Make sure you are in the Tasks tab, then click execute for the following:
    • Delete Test Resource Archive
    • Delete GMetrixTemplates Folder
    • Delete Cache (this will close and reopen GMetrix)

This will clear the test resources and prompt for a fresh download the next time you launch a test.

Lastly you can run the Gmetrix SMS software as an administrator by right clicking the Gmetrix desktop icon then by clicking "Run as administrator". This should allow Gmetrix to run without any security software on the machine blocking communication between Gmetrix, our website, and the Office software on the machine.