After you have created a custom test you will want to assign it to your students, follow the steps below to find out how:

  1. Select custom tests on the left panel
  2. Select your testing center
  3. Find the practice test you want to assign and then click on the assign button
  4. Next you will want to select if you would like to assign it to an Access Code or to a Student group
    • You can check mark as many access codes or student groups as you would like. (Custom tests can only be assigned to access codes that are test codes i.e. you cannot assign an access to code to a courses code, such as learnkey or jasperactive). 
  5. This next page will show you all the groups and students groups that you have selected. Confirm that these are the access codes and/or student groups you would like to have access to this code. After you click next it will assign the test to selected access codes and student groups.