If you are getting the error message "We are unable to detect Microsoft Office" when trying to launch one of our MOS practice exams then this means our Gmetrix software is unable to locate or communicate to Office on your machine. There are a couple of reasons this may take place. 

  • First, you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer or you just have the web based version of Office installed. In either case our Gmetrix software will not be able to detect Office on the machine. You can fix this by going to office.com and fully downloading Office onto your machine. 

  • Second, you have multiple versions of Office installed on your computer. If you happen to have multiple installations of Office on your machine (Example: having Office 2010 and Office 365 both installed) this can cause our Gmetrix software to not detect either version. In this scenario we would recommend that you delete the outdated or duplicate version of Office and then run a full Online Repair of the version you keep. 

  • Third, you have Office-like software installed on the computer like Open Office or WPS Office. This is similar to the second point above where this software can conflict with Gmetrix detecting Office on the machine. We would recommend that you uninstall such software from your machine and then run an Online Repair of Office on your computer.