If you have launched a Premiere Pro test and the GMetrix PP LITA panel is blank, follow the steps below to reload the panel:

  1. Hover over your Premiere Pro application on your windows task bar.
  2. You should see two windows. One showing the Premiere Pro window, and the other showing the GMetrix PP LITA panel.
  3. Hover over the panel's thumbnail and click on the X.
  4. Now click on the Premiere Pro application.

The panel should have reloaded. You can leave the panel floating, or if you wish to redock it:

  1.  Drag the new plugin window by clicking and holding on the gray title bar.
  2. Then move it next to GMetrix PP LITA and when the bar turns purple you can release.
  3. The panel should now be loaded within the Premiere Pro application window and you can continue your test.

We understand that this is a workaround to the issue and are actively working on a fix to resolve the issue overall.