In addition to the main Code that exists for an Access Code, you have the option to create additional codes for providing access to the Code.

The reason why you might want to create additional codes is to help manage access to content. Additional codes can be set to have a different number of Max Redemptions or a specific Redemption Expiration Date to help make sure that only those individuals who you want to gain access are able to while preventing those that you don't want to gain access from acquiring it.

Students gaining access to an Access Code via a new Code will also have their data included in the Reports tab.

  1. Select the access code that you want to create an additional code for.

  2. Click the Codes tab to view the list of codes that provide access to the access code.

  3. Click + New Code and configure the following settings for your new code:

    • Identifier – This set of characters will become part of the new code and can be used by yourself to help identify the code among any other codes made.

    • Max Redemptions – This setting will limit the number of redemptions that can be made with this code.

    • Expiration Date – This setting will require a student to redeem the code before the given date, otherwise the code will not work.

Be aware that any edits made to a code will NOT affect access for students that have already redeemed that code. Edits simple change the student's ability to redeem that code in the future.