Sometimes, a student may not have ever had a GMetrix account before. In these cases, you'll want to create a new student. 

  1. Select on Students from the left menu

  2. Click on + New Student and Select either Manual or Import

Manually Adding Students:

  1. Complete the form fields to describe your student:

    • First and Last Name

    • Email

    • Username

    • Password – If you want the student to create their own password, check Send password setup email to the user.

    • Student Number – This is optional.

    • Country 

    • State – (if applicable)

    • Partner Select – Select your Partner Name to make the student findable on your Student Lookup Page.

    • Accessibility – Turning this on will enable Accessibility Accommodations in the Student panel for that student, which include additional time, screen reader capabilities, and high contrast options.

  2. After you have input all the information about your Student, click Create Student to create your student.

Importing Students:

Follow a step-by-step process for importing students (How to Add/Import Student Accounts):

  • Upload and Format Student Information – Complete the sample template file with your students' information and upload it.

  • Confirm Student Information – Confirm that the student information that you've uploaded is correct. You can make edits, if necessary, during this step.

  • Create Student Accounts – Create your Student accounts.