Viewing Reports for the students in a Classroom is as easy as finding the Classroom that you want a report for, and then clicking the Report tab.

  1. Select Classrooms from the left menu.
  2. Click on Details for the Classroom you would like to view Reports.
  3. Click the Report tab to view the available reports for that Classroom.
  4. Choose the report that you want to view and use the filters at the top of the tab to refine the data that is showing in the report.
    • Date Range – Select the range over which you want to view data: a Week, Month, or Custom Range.
    • Test Mode – Select whether you want to see scores for Testing or Training attempts.
    • Score Filter – Select which type of score you want to view for a given test, the Latest score, Best score, or Average score across all attempts.
    • Category – View scores for only a specific Category.
    • Product – View scores for only a specific Product.