The steps below will go over how to create a Testing Center as a Reseller Administrator.

  1. Login at with your Administrator credentials.

  2. Select Testing Center from the left menu and click Create.

  3. Fill out all required fields noted by the red asterisk (*).

    1. Organization: The name of the Testing Center.

    2. Corporate E-mail: The head admin's E-mail of the Testing Center.

    3. Sector: You will have 4 options to choose from.

      • K12 Education

      • Higher Education

      • Government

      • Commercial

    4. Status: Whether the Testing Center is Active or Inactive.

    5. Language: Choose the main language of the Testing Center from the dropdown menu.

    6. Customer ID: This number identifies the Testing Center through a unique number. It will be provided by the Distributor or Reseller of the Testing Center.

    7. Address: The location of the Testing Center. (The Home Country is the only required section, but you are free to fill out more information for reporting and organizational purposes.)

    8. Licenses: At least one license needs to be added to create the Testing Center. Once added this will give the Testing Center permission to order the license(s) from their Reseller.

    9. Users: At least one administrator will have to be added to the Testing Center. You can do this by clicking Add User Account.

      • If the username is new to the GMetrix system then the field will be green. You will be required to fill out the rest of the fields to create the new user. Once completed click Save.

      • If the username already exists in the GMetrix system then the field will be yellow and notify you that the username already exists. The save button will change to Add User, click the Add User button and the existing user will be added to the Testing Center.

      • If the user already exists in the system, please confirm that you have the correct email address for the administrator.

  4. Once you have finished filling out all the required information click Confirm.

  5. Verify all information is correct and click Submit.

    • If incorrect click back.

  6. You should now see a confirmation page. From here you can,

    1. Place and Order: Opens the Order by Proxy tool allowing you to make an order for your Testing Center.

    2. Search for Testing Center: Opens the Partner Lookup page for Testing Centers.

    3. Create New Testing Center: Opens a new creation page for Testing Centers.

    4. Home: Takes you back to your Dashboard.