If a new administrator needs to have a GMetrix administrator account created for them, they can have an existing administrator at their organization or their sales representative create their account. New administrators cannot create their own administrator account.

The GMetrix support staff are only authorized to create or remove administrator accounts when a technical issue is preventing existing administrators or sales representatives from doing so. In these cases, they need a direct request from an existing GMetrix administrator at that organization or the organization’s sales representative.

To add an administrator account:

  1. Go to www.gmetrix.net/manage and log in to your administrator account.
  2. Select the User Accounts tab on the panel to the left menu.
  3. Click the Add Administrator button.
  4. Fill out all appropriate fields. We recommend using the administrator's email as their username.
If you add a username that belongs to an account that already exists, you will get a message saying “Username already exists.” If that happens, you can select the Add User button, and it will give that existing account access to your organization in addition to any organization they are currently attached to.

  • You can use the Permissions tab while adding an account to modify what permissions the administrator account has access to. You can also set these permissions using the Edit button after an administrator account has been added.

  • Deleting an administrator account only removes it from the organization. It does not entirely remove the account, so if an account has access to multiple organizations, it will simply lose access to the one it was deleted from.

  • When you create an administrator account, a linked student account is created simultaneously. It shares the same username and password as the administrator account. The administrator can log into their student account through www.gmetrix.net, or when they're logged in to their administrator account, they can select the dropdown menu in the top-right corner and click "Login As Student."

Now that you have added a new user to the organization, the system will send an invitation to the user being added.
  • If you add a user to a Testing Center, while logged in as an Administrator for a Distributor or Reseller, the user will automatically be added to the account

The status of the user will now appear with a status of Invite Pending. Users in this status cannot have their permissions changed or their passwords reset.

If the email address provided is a valid one, the user will receive an email from [email protected] informing them that they have been invited to join the organization.

If the user is a new admin, click the GET STARTED link.

  • The new user will be directed to the GMetrix admin portal and prompt them to create a password to get started.
    A screenshot of a login screen Description automatically generated

If the user has an existing GMetrix Administrator account, click the ACCEPT INVITATIONbutton.

Once the user has logged in to the admin portal they will be presented with a notification that they’ve been invited to join the Testing Center. If they Accept the invitation they will immediately be added to the organization and able to perform any actions corresponding to the permissions that were granted.

If a user rejects the invitation they will immediately be removed from the testing center. If the user wishes to be added again in the future they will need to contact another user with the proper permissions to have a new invitation sent.