If your students are unable to log in to their accounts, you can help them verify their username and reset their password by using the Student Search tool. If you're needing to reset the password, you will use the Search By Name tool.

Searching for students by name:

  1. In the menu on the left, select Search By Name under the Students dropdown.
  2. Use the appropriate field(s) to search by First Name, Last Name, or Email/Username. 
    • Not all fields need to have input.
    • You don't have to enter the full text to get a match, but you do have to accurately enter the first part. Notice below that entering "practice" in the Email/Username field pulled up an account with the username of "practice123". If "actice123" had been entered, the account would not have been pulled up.
    • If you enter the full name or username of your student and it doesn't pull up, try entering just the first part to see if it was entered incorrectly

  3. Once you have located the student account you are looking for, you can use the Reset Password button to reset the student's password to "gmetrix". You cannot have it reset to something else, but the student can change the password once they've logged in to their account.

You will only be able to search for student accounts that have already redeemed an access code from your organization. The access code acts as the link between their account and your organization, so if they have not redeemed an access code yet, you will need to contact [email protected] to locate their account and reset their password.